Role of the Home Sellers Lawyer

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The Seller’s Lawyer

Referral of the “Deal”

How does it arrive?

• When the Seller decides which Lawyer to use to complete their transaction, Vision Network Real Estate Ltd. will fax a copy of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale to the Lawyer’s office.

First Contact with the Client

Who calls who?

• Lawyer’s office will contact the Seller to explain the procedure that will follow. At this time they will be asked for additional information i.e. who the lender is that holds their mortgage, is there a survey, how property taxes paid, etc.


• Unless there are unusual circumstances, the lawyer will contact the Seller to make an appointment within a few days before closing to sign the appropriate documents.


• It is the responsibility of the Seller to terminate services provided to them by third parties such as utility companies, lawn maintenance, alarm services, etc. The lawyer cannot do this for the client because of privacy issues.

Activities and Timelines

What does the lawyer spend their time doing?

• Once the waivers for the conditions included in the offer are signed the Lawyer begins collecting the necessary documents including a payout statement from any mortgage or charge registered against the property title.

Fees and Disbursements


• Fee for the Lawyer’s Time
• Disbursements – searches

The final cost depends upon what is registered against the title and issues that may be discovered as a result of the information collected by the lawyer or raised by the buyer’s lawyer.

When does the client come back into the picture?

• Sign all documentation a few days before the closing.

Closing Day

• The Lawyer will contact the Seller when the sale is complete.

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